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'Born, Raise and Tuned to Aspire Excellence'

Dennis Lau is a UCSI Bachelors of Music graduate under the Newcastle Australian Music Degree Program. Dennis began his musical adventure with the piano at the tender age of 3 and became one of the youngest ever in Malaysia to reach Grade 8 by the age of 11. He then went on to obtain several diplomas in classical piano including the ATCL, A.M.U.S.A, Dip ABRSM and LGSM (hons).

Dennis’s violin training started at the age of 8, under the tutelage of Miss Nora Kim and Mr. Andrew Chye. He later obtained the ATCL Diploma at the age of 15. This protégé was the Award Winner for Outstanding Performance for the world class Trinity College of London, LTCL examinations. Dennis was subsequently awarded for Outstanding Performance in Violin during his FTCL examinations, by the Trinity College of London.

Dennis is now an accomplished musician with many years of experience under his belt. Not only is he prominent in the local music scene and in contemporary/jazz rhythms but also has made a name for himself in the international arena. He has achieved a lot in a short span of time, already having shared the stage with Asia’s most prominent and popular artistes and celebrities. These include Dato Siti Nurhaliza, Shila Amzah, Ning Baizura, David Tao, Adam Lambert, Lewis Pragasam, James Boyle, Syafinaz Selamat, Tay Kewei, Fransisca Peters, Jimmy Sax, Noryn Aziz, just to name a few. To add it up into Dennis’s business portfolio, Dennis Lau’s establishment as a successful and recognizable artiste in the music scene has been acknowledged with the ASEAN OUTSTANDING BUSINESS AWARD 2014 (Asian Leading Violinist Performer), Worldwide Excellence Award 2014 & the Global McMillan Woods Award for the Most Promising Performing Artiste title & ICON in Contemporary Instrumental Music in 2014 & 2015 respectively.

He was also awarded with The BrandLaureate Grand Master Brand ICON Leadership Award 2014.

‘Music is my business’

A very memorable collaboration was when Dennis teamed up with James Boyle and The Ragged Tigers in both the annual Penang Island Jazz Festival in 2006 and 2007 and also the Genting International Jazz Festival in 2007. Dennis is regularly invited to perform as a solo violinist and also as a collaborative partnership with numerous musicians internationally, countries like Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Korea and the current performance being in London for the Islamic Fashion Week. Dennis was also given centre stage when he was asked to open for Adam Lambert at Bukit Jalil Stadium, KL, while the US born American Idol runner up season 8 singer was touring Asia in 2010.

His international collaborations also include the likes of Wang Leehom's bassist (Jingles) & guitarist, Jamie Wilson, Lee An a popular Korean Singer and Kewei from Singapore. Aligning himself with Tat Tong, a producer sees Dennis making waves across international waters and making him solidify his star appeal. Dennis is a born performer, no one manages to connect with their audiences and have such raw emotions on display better than him. It's no surprise that YTL Corporation asked Dennis to be part of their glamorous "A Journey Through Time" event, which was in their third year. In which Dennis performed alongside his constant partner Jimmy Sax and Ning Baizura.

‘The Stage is my Oyster’

Dennis has performed as a soloist with the UM Symphony Orchestra in the presence and honour of DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah. Malaysian Royalty are no strangers to the tunes of Dennis as he has performed twice in the presence of the DYMM and even dedicated a sweet melody for the DYMM mother on her birthday in 2008. These extraordinary moments stretched across the globe, as Dennis was asked to be part of the Islamic Fashion Festival, which mesmerized the likes of Stella McCartney, the Princess of Monaco and the Prime Minister’s wife. He has also held the 1st violin position for the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) and is now a regular orchestra secessionist with the RTM & National Symphony Orchestra.

Dennis has had coverage in Malaysia’s Star newspaper, being nominated one of CIMB Prestige's Top 40 Under 40 for 2009 and not forgetting the mesmerizing performance on Star World’s Asia Uncut programme hosted by Jon Niermann in Shanghai. His maiden album Diversify bagged some awards at the VIMA 2009, the titled song- DiversiFy got the award for Best Producer, and Yuri Wong who worked alongside this album is definitely Best Producer in our books. Dennis will be showcasing his acting talent in a short film inspired by his song Prelude in F Minor from the album DiversiFy. Malaysian bombshell Daphne Iking and local talent Steve Yap are set to light the screen on fire with Dennis, in an effort directed by Adrian Lai an award nominated Director.

‘The Extraordinary Moments’

Early this year in 2012, Dennis Lau honorably performs in the majestic presence of our Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah for Our 14th King’s Coronation Ceremony which took place at the hilltop palace of the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Not to mention that Dennis was also invited to be part of Malaysia 55th National Day celebration 2012 in Stadium National Bukit Jalil together with numerous popular artistes such as Yuna, Faizal Tahir and also Daniel Lee.

In September 2012, Dennis Lau again had the golden privilege to honor Malaysia by performing in the presence of the honorary charming and elegant Prince William and Kate Middleton of England in the palace of the King in which also had a lifetime opportunity to exchange handshakes and affirmative gestures.

In May 2014, Dennis Lau achieved another milestone for his career in which he recently launched an album ‘THE MALAYSIAN JOURNEY’ in collaboration with Jabatan Kementerian Kesenian Negara (JKKN) featuring a name full of renown local artistes. This album would represent the culture and Malaysian pride and be promoted in the international arena.

‘Those who can, teach’

Aside from performing, composing, and working on his album, Dennis contributes to the evolution of the music industry through his other passion - teaching. Dennis manages to devote his skills, talent and patience to conduct music lessons for the young in his home studio. Dennis believes that a combination of hard-core practice, teaching and performing is what helps him excel and find a steady foot in a tough industry.

‘The power of Giving’

Humble beginnings show’s a man the power of giving. Dennis has been involved in many charitable causes across Malaysia, he believes in giving back through the power of music. He has been apart of World Environmental Day, Estee Lauder Earth Month, AIDS Awareness Campaigns, Yayasan Sunbeams Home Annual charity dinner 2012, with many other celebrities. Other causes include a charitable concert "Hope & Smile" in aid of the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan, which was organized by Dato Lee Chong Wei, and A/X Loves Japan. On his recent involvement with charitable givebacks, Dennis is now one of the ambassadors for Finished with Fins Project. As a talented young man, Dennis believes that by giving back to the society is a way for him to always be grateful and humble with what he has acquired. "People’s story inspires me, and therefore it keeps me grounded and empowers me to be better in life", says Dennis.

Dennis credits his success to his mother as she has been the driving force throughout his journey - from a young talented boy to an ambitious grown man. His achievements as a musician are a testament to Mrs. Lau, who herself is a talented pianist devoting her time to teaching the young how to master the piano. His evolution as a musician has been influenced by the different musical genres that have swept across the decades. Mainly through musicians such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ryan Leslie, Wang Lee Hom, and John Mayer. Dennis also says that those he regularly collaborates with are major influences that have contributed to his musical creativity. Dennis has begun to incorporate different elements from musical genres such as classical, pop and jazz, into his latest compositions. Spicing up each performance with his own flavour.

Dennis released his maiden album in November 2009. This album was composed and produced solely by Dennis, and featured compositions that amalgamate jazz, pop and the classics. The album was creatively touched by hints of R&B, Jazz, Pop and Hip Hop to give a funky, fresh, and modern twist.

Sony Music Entertainment were proud to sign Dennis on and take on the role of being the distributors for the album DiversiFy, he is the first instrumental artiste to sign on with Sony in the whole nation. While some may continue to bask in the success of their maiden album for a long time, Dennis feels that he needs to constantly give the creative juices an outlet. Whether be it through his passion for music, or his new found passion for movies. 2011 saw his debut movie, titled Nasi Lemak 2.0 release. The movie saw Dennis pair himself with critically acclaimed artiste Namewee, who boasts a Facebook fanbase of up to 600 thousand followers.

Besides, Dennis recently worked alongside with an internationally known director from New York for a movie entitled The Borneo Incident. Recently, consecutively for 2 years in a row Dennis again collaborates with Namewee for their upcoming movie release, Hantu Gangster that will be launched by August 2012.

‘The Journey continues’

Besides, Dennis recently worked alongside with an internationally known director from New York for a movie entitled The Borneo Incident. Recently, consecutively for 2 years in a row Dennis again collaborates with Namewee for their upcoming movie release, Hantu Gangster that will be launched by August 2012. Dennis’s brand alliances include being a ‘Friend" of Oakley eyewear, and of other international apparels like Puma and Uniqlo to name a few. There is no ending for this maestro, as he heads to Melbourne, Australia to collaborate with DJ BASS AGENTS for one of the biggest 2011 Merdeka Celebrations at Crown Casino.

In 2013, Dennis again expanded his horizons in collaborating with Australian DJ Andy Murphy in two significant events held in Malaysia & Cambodia, Artistry Hennessy. His work and continuous effort has journeyed him to a new collaboration and an original song production LOVE IS BY YOUR SIDE alongside a singer song-writer from Kuala Lumpur, Michael Leaner.

In 2013 & 2014, the violin maestro manages to relive the presence of his live performances throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and India.

In early 2014, Dennis once again has taken the big leap of faith in experimenting with the modern sound of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), releasing an official track & also music video for his latest work, THE JOURNEY in which he had the privilege to work with an award winning producer in the states, Tat Thong.

Dennis Lau is well known not only as a mere musician or artiste but also for his remarkable Public Relation to the people he meets. Clients and people are his concern, he therefore always priorities working well with people. Recently, Dennis has the chance to work alongside Malaysia’s Minister of Tourism Ng Yen Yen during the MIGF 2012 Press Conference & Opening night and also in numerous Malaysian Tourism events.

Mosaic is the brainchild of talented and accomplished solo violinist/songwriter Dennis Lau. It is established in order to provide a platform for local artistes to be engaged in various events. Mosaic also serves a purpose in building a reputable management in handling and organizing events for many talents.

The company stays true behind their tagline of "tuning events to the perfect pitch" by treating each and every one of their clients with the utmost importance and ensures that all events go down as a success so as to be remembered for years to come. Mosaic provides a wide array of choices in terms of musicians - all of whom are regarded as the best of what the region has to offer. With Mosaic you just have to sit back, sway with the rhythm and enjoy!

‘Tuning Events to the Perfect Pitch’ - Mosaic Music Entertainment

Besides his passion for music, Dennis has been the face of many video clips, short films, etc. It was only wise that the acclaimed musician start his own movie production company. Capturing every cherished moment on screen, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a movie is definitely worth a million words. From those first dances, to first performances, to first emotions, everything needs to be captured on screen to show people and to remind oneself of these moments.

Sowing The Seeds

Apart from investing into his very own passion in music, Dennis is also casting his net wider in grooming to newly signed artiste such as Koujee -The Beatbox Extraordinaire, Crystal Lee – Little Diva, under his wings partnering alongside with Amber Creations.

Dennis strongly believes that great talents at such young age should not be neglected and must be groomed in order for the two significant prodigies to be exposed. He is also looking to recruit and train more young fresh talents in order to create a stepping stone avenue for this industry specifically for those lacked opportunities.

By investing and building up talents as such, our very own Dennis Lau aspire to guide new talents to achieve success with the right path, minimizing mistakes in maximizing potential. He also stresses on that being a good role model is one virtue he particularly must not lack in order to be a positive and empowering influence to both Koujee and Crystal Lee.

Gotcha Style

Got your style ready? Let’s Roll it! Violin Extraordinaire Dennis Lau has not been at a complacent state even though he has been achieving quite a lot lately, instead, he has brought his inspirations to a whole new level by creatively reinventing a new style – Gotcha Style. Collaborating with numerous well-known artistes such as Moots Pop Shuvitt, Thanuja Ananthan – Miss World Malaysia 2009 and also Fashion Creator Bernard Chandran.

The idea behind Gotcha Style is to implement a new combining element of arts toward music. From a musician and entrepreneur’s point of view, Dennis does not want to limit his capabilities and creativity. It is not just about producing music only, rather creating music and understanding the majority of listener’s needs are his goal, in which he created the Unity of Arts (UOA). Gotcha Style’s MTV and Single has been launched in August 2012, and currently hits a total of 117,000 viewers in Youtube.

For Dennis Lau, staying put and be complacent is not his virtue. He is always getting his hands on for new and interesting projects to emerge his career. Dennis has recently made a remarkable network with Oris by being one of the selected Ambassadors for ORIS GT WATCH – "Real watch for Real people". Among the few who shares the title were Malaysian pride, 1st Malaysian female Olympic Bronze medal winner Pandelela Rinong, and also silver medalist track cyclist Azizul Hasni Awang.

Besides, Dennis Lau is currently collaborating with recording artiste & Miss World Malaysia 2008 Soo Wincci in an upcoming single entitled ‘Don’t you wanna know’.

While you await great surprises from our creative maestro and electrifying violinist, Dennis is also working on a new role in a new local mandarin film slated to be released in 2014. Dennis is set to organize a concert at the end of year 2015 which entitles THE JOURNEY, showcasing his remarkable work throughout his musical career. This concert will feature namely artistes and musicians in Malaysia that has been working closely and contributing successes towards his musical career. Besides, Dennis has intended to be involved in one or two international/local movie production this year.

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Malaysia Book of Records "Most Number of Music Collaborations by an Instrumentalist (Violinist)

100 MIYE (Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur) Award

Asia Pacific CSR Awards (Masterclass Socially Responsible Entrepreneur In Music & Entertainment)

Selangor Excellence Business Awards 2015 (Industry Class In Music & Entertainment)

The BrandLaureate Grand Master Brand ICON Leadership Award 2014

ASEAN Leading Violinist Performer

Icon In Contemporary Instrumental Music

Rising Star Awards Outstanding Performance Artiste of the Year

Global Music Entrepreneur Icon of The Year Award (Masterclass Category)
















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